The most important features of the law are that you can buy a used car up to 3 years old, and you do not have to be its first owner. In addition, you will pay the customs value as a deposit and get it back after 5 years.

Importation is available in any country – the country of residence is not a requirement

Applications for the initiative are available for expatriates with residency or dual nationality

The initiative is beneficial to import a zero or used car up to 3 years old

For expatriates in Europe, all European cars are suitable and their price will be good. As for expatriates from the rest of the world (other than Europe), the best cars will be 1600 cc or less, or electric cars, to keep the deposit adequate.

A bank statement in the country of residence for a period of 6 months, a valid residence permit, and a valid Egyptian card are required – but that’s it 🙂

One car is available for an expatriate according to the expatriate law – but it is available to import one car for each family member (residence condition) and with the account statement of the head of the family only.

The deposit will be returned to your Egyptian account after 5 years in Egyptian pounds at the value of the dollar at the time (after 5 years)

Register now and you have 5 years during which you can get the car or even change the car and pay the difference in the deposit

Download the “Expat Cars” application, fill out your data and the Arabic data, and talk to us and we will be with you every step of the way.