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Would you like to import your car from Europe? With the simplest processes and the lowest cost? You can import your own vehicle with Arabeety at the best possible price and with complete assurance. Twenty years ago, Arabeety began as a weekly car magazine, We have been assisting Egyptian consumers in selecting their next vehicle for a very long time. Our primary objective is to assist the customer in selecting and purchasing an automobile by providing education. Over 1,500,000 Egyptians were assisted by us in making car purchases. 

We were Pioneers in educating the Egyptian consumer as a weekly automotive magazine, We are now pioneers in the personal import of European cars.

Get started now in 3 steps:

The first step is to contact us We will help you choose your suitable car at the lowest price and with the easiest procedures.

The second step: The payment process is official and with full guarantee.

The third step: Arabeety will handle all procedures from purchasing, transportation, shipping, and complete customs clearance.

From 45 to 60 days… you will receive your car under the house.

Visit us now on Teseen Street in the Fifth Settlement in New Cairo and start the step of importing your new car.

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    The beginning

    We started as a weekly car magazine 20 years ago. For years and years, we have been helping the Egyptian consumer choose his new car. Our first and main goal is to educate the consumer about choosing his car and helping him buy it. We have helped more than 500,000 Egyptians in the decision to buy a car. Arabity magazine is a pioneer in educating the Egyptian consumer as a weekly car magazine

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    New Service

    Our current activity has been added, which is importing European cars, and we are now pioneers in the personal import of cars. It is distinguished by the possibility of importing your car yourself, at the lowest price and with all guarantees.

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    Main office

    You can visit us at our headquarters located in the Fifth Settlement, North 90th Street, to help you choose the car of your dreams

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    You can choose your car and know its characteristics through our website to ensure that you have made the appropriate choice for your requests.